What We Do

Achieving OPERATIONAL DISCIPLINE similar to that found in the airline, nuclear, and aerospace industries can be a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE. Operational excellence means crews are acting as a cohesive unit and each crew member knows what they should be doing and how to properly control hazards of each step of a task. 

For companies dealing with HIGH TURNOVER, and CONSTANTLY CHANGING WORK ENVIRONMENTS, establishing operational standards is much more difficult. 

To solve this problem, Insight Interactive delivers to you a suite of TASK ANALYSIS, TASK PLANNING, and TASK TRAINING solutions to help companies ALIGN operations and training, MAXIMIZE crew performance and dramatically REDUCE costs.

How It Works

The use of the Job Safety Analysis (JSA) (also called Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)) process for planning jobs and improving performance has proven to be an effective tool to help crews work as a team and to identify hazards. The process also enables employees to learn new skills, work more efficiently, and deal with unplanned situations.

As a result, learning to read JSAs and analyze steps, identify hazards, and implement controls of tasks are key skills for anyone working in a dynamic, hazardous environment. The concept is simple. Start by using wearable cameras, such as GoPro or 360fly, to take videos of key operations. Use the video in two ways: 1) Operations and safety personnel watch the videos to refine procedures, and 2) Crew members learn best practices and apply the JSA process by analyzing the steps, hazards, and controls of common tasks.

Benefits of Task-based Training

  • Refines task procedures 
  • Identifies observable behaviors
  • Integrates soft safety skills such as hazard recognition with task-training
  • Decreases apprenticeship time and costs
  • Preserves knowledge and experience
  • Demonstrates individual and team competency
  • Meets individual training needs
  • Documents and records training that can be replayed and used during litigation
  • Delivers information on multiple devices – Internet, PCs, tablets

Our Solutions

Customer Development

Using the latest in video equipment, analyze the steps, hazards, and controls. Then develop company-specific operating procedures and training materials.

PC and Mobile Applications

Analyze, plan, and train for yourself using our PC and mobile risk assessment applications.

Incident Recreation

Effectively communicate incident investigation findings through video and animated recreations.

Virtual Reality Simulation

With well-defined operating procedures as a guide, virtual reality simulations are a great way to allow employees to learn, practice and observe behaviors in a consequence-free environment.

Arial Drone Video

Get project updates, evaluate progress, and perform inspection of hard-to-reach equipment using a drone.

Our Work

We are constantly updating our Youtube channel with work samples, tutorials and other useful information. Check it out!

Click the graphic on the right to see our channel. Playlists include:

  • Task Training using point-of-view (POV) cameras
  • About Job Safety Analysis
  • Safety and Operations Simulations
  • Incident Recreation Videos
  • Uses of Drones and Quadcopters in Operations

Industries We Serve

Our solutions have helped acheive operational excellence in a wide range of industires but they have been especially effective in high risk jobs with constantly changing work environments.  

Insight is currently conducting projects or pilot programs in the following industries: 

  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Mineral Exploration
  • Oil & Gas Drilling
  • Telecom
  • Roofing
  • Tree trimming

If you would like a demonstration on how these solutions might apply to your industry, please contact us.